Study In Cyprus

Study In Cyprus

The question why study in Cyprus has many reasons such as quality Education, friendly and safe environment, pleasant climate, scholarships given up to 40%, multicultural learning environment, a combination of Education, offering work and pleasure.

The requirements to study in Cyprus include :

  Attested copies of valid passport
  Attested copies of certificates and mark sheets, degrees
  Attested letter of conduct from police headquarters indicating clear criminal record
  Attested health certificates
  Bank verification letter indicating financial ability
  Bank statement showing amount in the students account
  Photographs two numbers.

Living in Cyprus

You can find suitable accommodation for your budget while you study in Cyprus. There are many institutions offering hostel accommodations, residence to student apartments, a list of private flats and houses near the universities campuses. Our Cyprus immigration consultants in Khanna will be of assistance.

Courses in Cyprus

The colleges in Cyprus offer undergraduate courses as Diploma for 2 years and Bachelor degree for 3-4 years. The master’s degrees are for 2 years and include various fields of science, technology, arts, math, banking, hospitality, management, and lots more. The study in Cyprus cost varies based on the course and the duration.

About Colleges in Cyprus

The number of colleges and universities are many offering the best quality Education. Our Cyprus student visa consultants in Khanna will help you throughout the process with visa processing and also in selecting good colleges and courses suitable to your need.

Work Opportunity in Cyprus

Students can find part time jobs in their universities or outside. After graduation, full time jobs will be available, if they have good skills in English and Turkish.