Study In Germany

Study In Germany

Germany has lots to offer to satisfy the question why study in Germany. It has international qualification standards, allowing transfer of study and exam modules. It is a hub for learning and now has a high turnout of students. Our, Germany immigration consultants in Khanna, will help you in the entire process of application and visa.

Requirements to Study in Germany

  Passing of TOEFL exams for undergraduates and Masters
  Mark sheets from 10th onwards, consolidates, degree and provisional certificates
  Test score of IELTS or TOEFL
  Statement of purpose
  Recommendation letter from university
  CV updated with language certification
  Passport copy and photos

Living in Germany

Student housing options depend on the studies conducted. Study in Germany cost is less expensive. The rent is the biggest expense in Germany in comparison to all other expenses.

Courses in Germany

German Universities are autonomous and offer special emphasis on teaching and research. The German Universities offer practical oriented courses and other colleges in Germany offer courses in Management, Engineering, Medicine, English, Law and other disciplines. You can avail the detail from Germany student visa consultants in Khanna


About Colleges in Germany

Germany is the most popular study destination. To study in Germany reveals it has over 300 institutions offering higher Education and this includes 82 universities and 132 institutions offering short courses.

Work Opportunity in Germany

Typical student jobs are available with a special permit. Vacancies are posted in the newspaper sites work is limited to part-time to students. If you receive a permanent job, you have to apply for work permit and residency visa from your home country.