Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore

Singapore though physically small but is an economic giant. It has been Southeast Asia's most modern city. The country includes the island of Singapore and 58 or so smaller islands.

Singapore has become a flourishing country that excels in trade and tourism and is a model to developing nations because of its efficient and determined government.

Singapore has been ranked no.1 in attracting top-flight global talent in a first-ever study of economies with a population of fewer than 20 million, conducted by the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

Singapore has become an Education hub in Asia due to the combination of Asian schooling and Western-style practices. A number of international institutions, such as INSEAD, MIT, University of Chicago amongst other top-ranked global universities, have created satellite campuses in Singapore to serve as a launch pad for entering Asia. Students pursuing their studies in Singapore are offered a high degree of flexibility, both of the study mode and the contents of the course chosen.

More than 6,000 companies from around the world have set up their base in Singapore, which helps students to build lucrative careers after the completion of their Education. Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the most competitive nations and best place for businesses in the world.